Thursday, March 28, 2013


The job market for new nurses isn’t as wide open as it was several years ago. You’re not going to hired just because you’re breathing and can hold your bladder for 12 hours (recruiter joke). Getting past the resume review and interview is important; however getting good references and recommendations might seal the deal.

Tips for getting references/recommendations that will land you the job:
1.    Ask permission:  I never, I mean NEVER give a reference/recommendation unless the person asks for my permission first. Call it old fashion or “so yesterday”, but it’s about being professional and not making an assumption.

2.    Make it easy:  Let’s say you’re asking for a letter of recommendation, to make it easy, draft your own letter with key characteristics you want included about your skills. By drafting your own recommendation, you are letting the person know you respect his/her time.

3.    Be careful whom you ask:  If you did not have a super good relationship with him/her, ask someone else. I'm often surprised when I get a request from a "problem student" who wants me to give her a recommendation. Really? Are you sure about that?

Oh, and one other tip, be sure to show your appreciation. Send a thank you email or better yet, hand written note card to the person who gave you a reference/recommendation. Chances are, this might not be the last time you ask for his/her help.

Thanks for choosing to become a nurse. I'm cheering for your success!

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